Friday, May 8, 2009

Trying to Catch Up!

These days I'm trying to stay one step ahead of technology (as if that were possible). Shortly after the presidential election last year, I began pursuing an online graduate certificate in translation (English>Spanish). The whole idea of meeting in "chat rooms," posting to "forums," and communicating with peers and instructors in cyberspace are new concepts to me. But this is the world we live in.

As an editor and writer, I'm also keenly aware that e-books and paperless articles, etc., are becoming more prevalent and widely accepted, which is not good news for the publishing industry. Just the other day Patrick and I were having a discussion about Amazon's Kindle DX (which is supposed to be released later this year). In between bites of authentic Mexican tacos, we talked about the pros and cons of purchasing one. (Not that we would buy one at the current price--it's too expensive, but the thought of having one is nice.)

I have my likes and disklikes of e-book products. I like the idea of not having to lug around bulky books in my briefcase, but there's something about flipping the pages of a book. Call me old fashioned, I guess, but I love reading books on paper, not a screen. I sit in front of a computer screen almost all day! (Ironically, even now.)

As far as I'm considered, the verdict is still out if e-book readers will ever completely replace paper books. But, deep down, I have a feeling I'll have to eat my words some day.

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