Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Strolling Along

Hi girls!

This blog is a great idea, Lillian. Thanks for the invite! I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing. For my part, I just finished my final exam for my second class in the Entertainment Business program at Full Sail. I can't believe I've already completed two months worth of classes!

And, as an added bonus, I got up in front of my classmates today and sang a really pretty indie song by a girl named Melissa Myers, backed by acoustic guitar. (My instructor supplied the acoustic renderings.) We got to do a talent show on this last day because our class performed really well on the midterm two weeks ago. It was fun to see all the different talents (mostly musical -- in fact, all of them musical) that my classmates have. I'm still pinching myself that I actually got up and performed for them! Of course I am wishing I could have done it a second time because my voice wavered and cracked on a couple of the notes. (Nerves!)

Classes have been good -- I enjoyed this second class much better than the first because the instructor was stronger and more enjoyable to learn from. And this month I got to know my classmates even better than before. We are a small group -- only 9 of us -- and we'll be together for the next year, so we should get to be like brothers and sisters by the end, having spent so much time together.

I shared with Deb Moss yesterday that things are still progressing well on my business plan, though have taken a slight detour. I've changed things up a bit by deciding to start with real-world small groups instead of launching immediately into the online environment. I'm gathering participants for the first small group now and hope to officially start that group by mid-September. If you know any girls/women you think would be interested in joining a small personal development group (5-6 people) centered around the theme of story, feel free to let me know.

Kirk and I are on our way out for the evening, celebrating the end of both our classes. Look forward to hearing how everyone else is doing!

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Lil said...

It's great that we can chat like this. How exciting to hear about all that God is doing in your life. As for the singing, I say, "you go, Girl!" Good for you.